Thursday, March 1, 2012

Price Matching

I've recently been in the market to make a medium sized purchase. The item I plan on buying generally retails at $590. Most stores online and offline have this price except for one store, Academy of Sports. They have it for $480. Unsurprisingly, they are nearly out of stock across the country. I tried to have a few other stores that carry the item match their price, but they wouldn't match unless the other store actually had it in stock.

Now, from the matching store's perspective, this makes perfect sense. Why would they match a price that you, the customer, can't realize? However, if Academy had it in stock, why would I ever go through the trouble of price matching instead of just going to Academy and buying it straight up?

From the matching store's perspective, price matching makes perfect sense. If the store would lose a sale due to a competitors price, then they can at least get the sale at a lower price; something is better than nothing. So my question, what's the point of price matching from the customer's perspective? If I could buy it at Academy, I wouldn't bother with price matching at another store.