Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MS Outlook Send and File Popup Removal

Recently my company decided to install the Send and File addin for Outlook. The idea is to have a File plan for your emails and sort them into an array of folders with different purposes. This is great for project managers and people of the like, but it's mainly a pain in my ass as a developer.

The UI change for me was a new popup window everytime I sent an email asking me if I wanted to file this email. If I clicked yes, it would give me a folder selection prompt where it would place the sent email. If I clicked No, it would file it in Sent Items as it's always done. The window defaulted to No, so I could just do my usual CTRL-><ENTER> and follow it by another <ENTER> or a <SPACE>. So it wasn't a real pain to work around, but the idea of another damn window really pissed me off. So after searching all over for someone else with my gripe, finally a coworker showed me this solution.

Using the registry editor (Run -> regedit), change/set the following key value.

\Addins\Send_and_File.Connect\LoadBehavior => 0

I hope others find this useful.

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Jonathan Gerrans said...

wow does that mean you actually have to use Outlook? I'm sorry for you man, i hate that program