Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Free Speech and Civil Liberty

Free Speech and Radical Islam

I'm not sure if I totally agree with what she said. I am a full supporter of free speech. But two things come to mind.

First off, we, at least here in Canada and the US, teach our children to be careful of our words cause they might be very hurtful. I remember my mother always telling me that the tongue is a very powerful tool that can be used for good or evil. How does that translate to the geopolitical world? Do we have to start thinking of being careful what we say because it might offend people? My personal belief is that we should not restrict people from saying what they want to say. People should be aware of what they say and feel safe to say it, but should be conscious of the way it might affect other people. In NO WAY should the government start to regulate what people can and cannot say. This I surely agree with.

Secondly, at the end she says this:

We need a global movement to fight blasphemy and other insult laws, and the European Union should lead the way by removing them. Europe should make it clear that democracies will protect their citizens if they say something that triggers threats and intimidation.

I really don't agree with that. Countries should be sovereign. I don't like the UN and how it has the power to tell countries what to do. I think there is a fine line between helping a country in need and dictating the laws of a country.

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