Friday, June 15, 2007


Finch now has sound. It took me only a couple hours to get it in too! Before you do thinking I'm some big genius for doing it so fast, just wait a minute. Sound works pretty much the same way as Pidgin sound works, or at least it should since I copied that code over. I know, I know copying code is one of the seven deadly since of coding. Let me talk about that for a bit.

As it stands, sound is directly in Finch. This isn't the optimal solution since many folk don't want sound in their console application. This is because remoting into a box and having sound go off can be rather unsettling for the parties in the same room as the serving machine. So as it stands the sound is directly in Finch, but will most likely be moved later to either a plugin or something to make it an optional feature. One could argue that all a user has to do is disable sound when they are remoting in, but that can get dicey and an unneeded extra the user has to worry about. This would diverge from the simple model which Pidgin tries to achieve. So a plugin sounds likely.

We are discussing options for how to deal with this on the mailing list right now. I'll provide an update later when a decision is reached.

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