Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Payment #1

This year Google has decided to pay us via Western Union (WU). I guess last year they were sending checks and doing wire transfers. They were having issues with a lot of the wire transfers and in some countries the checks would take weeks to clear. So they spent a lot of time this year looking for a better solution. This solution was to pay most of us with WU and to setup wire transfers for the rest of the student where WU wasn't a viable option for their country. So, needless to say, being in the US I am one of the students getting paid with WU.

The fun all started when I went to get my payment the first time. It was Monday evening. I went down to the local WU agent at the Rite Aid. So I had all the information and identification I needed with me. I had a bad feeling things were going to go sour when I told them I was there to receive. They asked me how much, so I told them $500. They immediately had this look like they weren't sure they had enough, but they checked things out and had enough. So now they tried to run it through and it wanted a phone number. I told them I didn't need one, but she persisted that she couldn't run it without. Somewhat annoyed I told her I'd go home and write to get a number. Well, I didn't need a number; she even tried it without after I left and it worked. I'll refrain from calling her names, but that really ticked me off that she did that. So when I came back the next day to tell her that I didn't have the number and to try it without, she then told me that I didn't need it. So I had wasted a whole day, remember I don't have a car, so I have to wait for Holly to come home with the car to run down there. So any delays in the evening and I have to wait another whole day.

Moving on to the second hurdle, my information was entered wrong by the sender. Yes, Google is capable of making mistakes. They had entered my city as Newport, Nebraska instead of Newport, New Hampshire. WU wouldn't let the payment go through cause I was in the wrong district. When I wrote Google about it, it took 6 hrs to get a reply...they learned quickly what didn't work. I guess there were a lot of mistakes on the first batch. All the sender had to do was call WU and have my address changed. For some reason I was told my payment would be ready on Friday. Not sure if that was because they would send my updated information along with the second batch or what, but that was the case. So I had to wait till Friday to get it.

Come Friday I went back to Rite Aid to try again. This was my 5th trip there, I was about done with any type of screwing around. This time I couldn't get paid cause they didn't have $500 to give me, mistake #2 by Rite Aid. WU pays by check, you can cash that check wherever you want. I didn't know that at the time. So I agreed and left. It was already late and I didn't want to head out to the next town to go to the other WU agent out there. So I had to wait till Sunday now.

Finally on Sunday, I went to the other town, found the other agent, and got paid. This was when I found out it was just a check and I could have gotten paid on Friday. I was happy enough to get cash in my hands that I wasn't able to be upset. But looking back on it now, I'm just ticked at the fact that Rite Aid wasted 3 days for me. The first time they wasted a day cause I could have tried it then to find out that my address was wrong. The second time they wasted two days, cause I could have gotten paid on Friday, but instead had to wait till Sunday. I HATE HAVING MY TIME WASTED!!

So there you have it, my story of how I got my first pay from Google Summer of Code. You can find proof with this receipt.

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Glad that started to come in already! K-grats!