Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Moved In

office, desk, computerWell I've made the move from Tennessee to New Hampshire where I'll be for the rest of the summer. I had to rearrange a storage room, but in the end it's become quite the little office I've created for myself. On the left here you can see what it looks like just outside the entrance. The house itself is very old, built back in 1836. The room itself is located on the other side of the garage.

office, desk, computer, programmerNext is my workstation. It's still not fully setup, I want to get some of the junk out of the way and put something more useful there. I'm thinking of either putting some useful books I'll be needing or maybe stocking up those shelves with some good junk food. Right now, I've only got some Cheez-It's and some Ramen. I've had my Logitech 5.1 sound system for a few years now and it's dying. My left channel is hurting, the front only comes in sometimes and the back is also somewhat shaky.

Here's a little walk-through of the place.

1 comment:

Jonathan Gerrans said...

cool man, looks like you got yourself set up pretty well there...only one thing missing...where is the second screen?? :)