Tuesday, May 1, 2007

All Set

I have one final left, but it's not much to worry about at this point. So I've been working on getting all my paperwork setup for CPT and taxes. All that is done now, projects are in, I've got my stuff packed. I leave for NH in a few days. So today I relax cause it's my birthday so I'll be hanging with friends tonight.

So this is how I plan to set things up this summer. I am going to be staying in NH with a friend. But, since I'll only be there for the summer and he doesn't have Internet, I will be working at my ex-girlfriends place. Without going into too much details, she is also the mother of my daughter, so I'll be taking this opportunity to spend as much time with her, my daughter Hannah, as I can this summer. She's 5 months old, my daughter, on Friday.

So they have an extra room on the other side of their garage where I can set up my desk and run a network cable to and use their DSL. It should be cool, my own little office to work on Finch. I'll also set it up to be able to remote into my box from the outside. Since they aren't serving anything from their network, I'll be able to use standard ports again. That'll be awesome. I've been in a dorm this year where they limit outgoing ports to 90-99. So SSH has been 95 and HTTP has been 96, really annoying when trying to relay the link to my gallery. They always forget the ":96". So anyhow, I'll have my own little office, should be fun.

I am also thinking of using this summer and the free schedule it allows me to have to do polyphasic sleep cycles. More on this when I get going on that. But it should prove to be an interesting experiment.

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