Friday, April 13, 2007

Google Summer of Code Begins

I am going to be posting here over the summer as I work with Google Summer of Code. Those of you not familiar with GSoC can check it out on their own. I submitted a proposal to work for Finch. Finch is a console based instant messaging client. It's part of the project called Pidgin, formerly known as Gaim. My accepted proposal can be read here.

So it's been rather exciting so far. I spent a week or two working on my proposal. With the help of some good friends of mine: Doug, Daniel, Andrew and Holly, it became what it became. When I was done with it, I was confident that I couldn't have done a better job with the time I had. So when I heard that there were 88 applicants to the Pidgin project and only 10 were going to be accepted, I was scared. But I went back and read my proposal and became confident that I couldn't have written it better, so in the event of it not being selected, I knew it wasn't from lack of effort.

So the accepted applicant list date was originally 4/9 but it was moved to 4/11. And Google was working as fast as they could and were able to finally release the list at 0230 UTC on 4/12.

It was a crazy day. I logged into about mid-day and started talking with a bunch of other applicants who, like me, were awaiting the release. By the end of the day, I wasn't saying much and just reading, they were going nuts. I was/am very new to IRC channels and some of the culture was just hilarious to me. Some guys were slapping each other with trout, that was just rotfl material. They were talking about all kinds of none-sense, finding the stupidest things to kill time.

Then there was the mailing list. It was a mailing list used by Google to communicate and receive information from the mentors/organizations/students. Some students started to spam it. Playing word games and such. Some mentors and Google officials were getting upset. It was both sad and funny to watch. So in the end I ended up passing time watching the mayhem ensue.

About 20 mins before the final results came out, all applications were labeled as 'Not selected'. My heart fell, I thought it was over. But just as I was about to leave, I saw a message in my inbox from the mailing list saying that it's not official and the results aren't out, all applications are labeled as so. So that made me feel better, but I was still shooken up. Then at about 0230 UTC, I refreshed the tab in Firefox with the page listing my application and it's status and it changed to "Application Accepted". I let out the loudest yell I've ever put out in the computer lab. No worries for those who aren't aware of this computer lab. It's the Advanced Lab for computing majors at my University. There were only three other people in there, and I knew them all personally. They all knew what was going on. In any case, I was/am the computing club president and am known for being off the wall from time to time, so it was fine. Anyhow, I was just flipping out. I ran out of the lab, called up two of my budding who were waiting for news and just couldn't contain myself.

My evening then proceeded to go hang out with a good friend celebrating by drinking sparkling grape juice and watching a good flick "Life is Beautiful", italian movie, amazing story.

Today, I was just getting my repo setup with monotone. Tonight, with the help of my mentor, I managed to compile it properly. There were some strange issues with the setup that I needed help with. So now, I'm lining up to start on stuff. It'll be slow going till I get up north. I'm at school for a while, and I've got some large projects I'm working on that are keeping my time busy. I'll still be getting started slowly.

Till next time...


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

"King's to you, Fernand..."

Eoin said...

Grats buddy.

I'll be working on the mono-loader this summer.

You're working with Sadrul right? He's good peoples :-)

Laknath said...

great work dude and congrats for the victory.

I Know what you mean because I was in the IRC too.

I'l be working on a Gnome project for SoC.

Again congrats and good good luck in SoC works.

Shaine Joseph said...

Hi Eric,
Nice proposal. You can check out mine, on High Dynamic Range Tone Mapping Algorithms at

I sent you an email about work authorization issues. Please get back to me at

Shaine Joseph

Jonathan Gerrans said...

yeah you let out a yell...then you started jumping all over the surprised you didn't break a monitor or something :D

Anonymous said...

Good words.