Saturday, April 28, 2007

DBMS Complete

The title isn't a completely accurate statement, but close enough. I worked on it for three days, hammered out about 2000 lines of code, so at the end, I didn't test it as much as I should have, and the documentation for it isn't as complete as I want it to be. I might revisit it on Sunday to complete it. That would require me to run a few more test on the operations and to finish up the javadocs. I submitted it by the due date, but the prof said that if we happen to submit an update to it before he grades it, he'll consider the most recent version. So he's rather sport about that. I'm kind of ashamed at the fact that it's not to my full potential, so that in itself will most likely drive me to fix it up. So when I do that, I'll post a link to a jar file or something for those who are interested in it. The javadocs are already available here, though incomplete.

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